Rain in LA-LA-Land

Oh El Niño.  We have a love/hate relationship that's been on and off for years.  You first made your appearance during my freshman year of college at good ol' USC.   I remember wading through campus in jeans soaked to my crotch because the drainage system couldn't handle all the water.  You were miserable.
And then you left.  Over the years people predicted you'd be back, but you never came back with a vengeance like they said you would.  Until now.  Your weird weather patterns are throwing me off.  One day it's sunny and warm, the next I'm wearing a parka and rain boots.  -- Speaking of which, why did nobody wear fancy rain boots in the 90's?  Would've been so much more pleasant walking through those mini-rivers on campus with my feet dry.  I digress.

Oh El Niño, even with all the nuisance, I don't hate you.  I know California desperately needs the water.  This drought is serious business.  We've stopped watering our lawn regularly, we've taught the kids to be water conscious when brushing their teeth, washing their hands, taking showers.  I get why we need you.  I'm even thankful that you really showed up this year.

But damn.  In a town where there's already always gridlock and too many cars on the road, your downpours can really turn traffic into a biznatch {sigh}.

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