Party Goods?

So a new store opened up at our local mall.  The store, Daiso, is like the Japanese equivalent of our 99¢ Stores here in America.  So after a fundraising dinner for our school at a restaurant at the mall, of course we had to check it out.


My heart aches for the city of Brussels, for those who have been injured, and those who have lost loved ones today.

Rain in LA-LA-Land

Oh El Niño.  We have a love/hate relationship that's been on and off for years.  You first made your appearance during my freshman year of college at good ol' USC.   I remember wading through campus in jeans soaked to my crotch because the drainage system couldn't handle all the water.  You were miserable.

My Square Root Baby

Seven years ago this little girl made me a mommy.  She arrived almost four weeks early and caught her Type A, over-planning mother completely unprepared.  Looking at her now sometimes, it just takes my breath away.

The Making of a Mom Bod

My entire life I've never been the super skinny girl.  The one that was naturally thin, that didn't have to worry about what she ate and never had to exercise.  Regardless of that, it never made me actually change my eating or exercise habits.  I always ate what I wanted, when I wanted and I very rarely exercised willingly, other than during team sports growing up.
That high metabolizing, blissfully ignorant, smiling 20-year old coed on the right is me. The others' faces have been covered to protect the innocent :)
After college I joined a gym with my bff and roommate at the time.  I only went to said gym because she made me (my post-college body thanks you for that K!) and I never would go on my own to work out alone.  After I moved out of our apartment for a job in another city, I stopped my gym membership and didn't even think twice about it.