Growing Up American

Their ancestors came to America on the Mayflower. And also via Philippine Airlines. 100% American.

Have you all seen the open letter by NYT editor Michael Luo about a racist exchange he experienced with his family over the weekend? A woman in a rush on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, screamed "Go back to China" to him and his family because they were in her way, as they lingered outside of their church.  In front of his children.  Didn't even have the balls to say it directly to their face.  Yelled it at them as she made her way down the block.  Dude was born here.

Reading his story, I could see myself in his place.  And it made me mad.  How is this real life?  I mean, I guess with Donald Trump as the official Republican nominee I can't be too surprised that bigots, racists and misogynists are feeling free to come out of their hiding places and voice their hatred in public.  I mean, a Presidential candidate is doing it, why can't they?

Cancer Affects Us All

When I was 15, I lost my first aunt to breast cancer.  She was diagnosed on October 2, 1992 and fought so hard.  She received a stem cell transplant back in the days when it was a relatively new treatment option and eventually went into remission.  But it came back with a vengeance and spread to her spinal column and brain and after this second battle with cancer, she passed away exactly two years to the date of her original diagnosis on October 2, 1994.