First Day of School 2016

These two kiddos went back to school on Monday.  First day of Kindergarten and Second grade!  And only ONE school drop-off and pick-up for this mama!!!!

And while I'm excited the kids are back at school, holy crap bag.  Summer is over!  Just like that.  It went by sooooo fast.  I remember as a kid that summer vacations felt like they went by quickly, but now as the parent?!  I feel like I blinked and now it's done.

Only Love

I've been struggling to write lately.  So many horrible things going on in this world, this crazy election and the hate just spewing and spreading through social media.

How did it become ok to hide behind usernames and handles to spread hate against an entire race, an entire religion, many good people that down at the core are just like us?  It's freaking depressing.  And I've had enough.  It's one thing for unknown trolls to post awful hate, but to see people I know and love "like" some of these things made me realize enough is enough.  Remember my post about gun control?  Well, same thing applies here.  Silence does nothing.  Changes nothing.  So I stopped being silent.