Only Love

I've been struggling to write lately.  So many horrible things going on in this world, this crazy election and the hate just spewing and spreading through social media.

How did it become ok to hide behind usernames and handles to spread hate against an entire race, an entire religion, many good people that down at the core are just like us?  It's freaking depressing.  And I've had enough.  It's one thing for unknown trolls to post awful hate, but to see people I know and love "like" some of these things made me realize enough is enough.  Remember my post about gun control?  Well, same thing applies here.  Silence does nothing.  Changes nothing.  So I stopped being silent.

Embarrassingly enough it started with a Facebook post that my own mother had "liked."  One of her friends had shared something derogatory about the Nice truck attack with the headline "What a surprise! The Tunisian terrorist who killed 84 people in Nice, France is a Muslim!"  As soon as I saw it I texted her along with a screenshot of her "like" telling her it was bad.  Asking her not to spread hate or enable others that do, even if they are her friends.

I'll spare you all the details but it spiraled from there to be the absolute worst fight I've ever had with my mother.  Words were screamed, names were called and honestly I don't know if any of it can be taken back and fixed.  It's been two weeks since we last spoke or seen each other.

In the past I've always been the one to give in, to apologize for the sake of getting along.  I've already forgiven her in my heart, but I'm just not ready to extend the olive branch right now.  I want to teach my girls that there is only room for love in their hearts.  I want them to be surrounded by only love.  No hate for others that are different.  And to be honest, no hate for their mother.

If my mom were to call me I'm sure I'd cave.  But I feel like she needs to live the consequence of her words.  She actually screamed at me, "Never speak to me again!"  Would she really sacrifice a relationship with her daughter and granddaughters for the sake of it?

I would hope not.  But I fear she will.

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