First Day of School 2016

These two kiddos went back to school on Monday.  First day of Kindergarten and Second grade!  And only ONE school drop-off and pick-up for this mama!!!!

And while I'm excited the kids are back at school, holy crap bag.  Summer is over!  Just like that.  It went by sooooo fast.  I remember as a kid that summer vacations felt like they went by quickly, but now as the parent?!  I feel like I blinked and now it's done.

It was a busy summer with day camp, zoo camp, gymnastics camp; trips to Las Vegas, Morro Bay and Catalina.  Four weeks straight of daily swim lessons.  I honestly felt like I should have changed the title on my business card to "Chauffeur" -- because seriously.  The driving.  Always driving.  It. Just. Did. Not. Stop.  And I imagine it won't until they get their own driver's licenses.  Only nine and 11 years left to go! Ha!

First day of school went well for both girls!  They had a minimum day that first day and we took them out to a celebratory lunch.  But Iz was being a bit sassy towards the end and was a full-on monster by the time we made it to the car.  At one point on the car ride home I said, "That's it!  No more talking until we get home!" Two minutes later I look back and she's fallen asleep.  So when we pulled into the garage, Av told Iz we were home and she woke up enough to undo her top buckle, but then immediately fell asleep as she moved her hands down to the bottom buckles.  Definitely a sign of a good first day of kindergarten.
Thank goodness I had a helper to get all the backpacks and my purse as I carried my 45 lb. kindergartner into the house!

I walked the kids into school yesterday for the first day and was planning on doing the same today, but there were zero parking spots available on the entire block so I told the girls car drop-off started today.  I ask Av to walk her little sister to the kindergarten playground and help her put her backpack away and to make sure she was ok.  "Ugh, fine."  #bigsisterproblems

So off they went.  My big and little.  And yes, I totally hung out the driver side to take this pic.  I was only slightly embarrassed, but not really.  At least I didn't call after them and say "MOMMY LOVES YOU!!!" in front of their friends :)  I'll save that for when they're in junior high!!!

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