El Nido, Palawan, Philippines

Thought I would post some pictures from a family vacation we took in January to hopefully help other families that might be traveling to the area with kids.  The trip came about because of a family reunion (for my mom's side of the family) to be held in the Philippines.  My husband and girls had never been and I hadn't been back for 15 years.  So we knew we should take the opportunity to go since it would only get harder to pull the kids out of school as they got older.  Since we were flying so far (24-hours door-to-door!!!) we knew we wanted to maximize our trip by exploring some of the Philippines' more touristy island destinations in addition to visiting family near Manila.  After some research into Boracay and Palawan, we decided that El Nido, Palawan would be the best fit for us as a family.

No Longer Silent

It starts here
I know it's been awhile since posting.  School, kids, summer, vacations, work... life got in the way.  And after what has happened in Orlando last week, I just felt ugh.  Actually, it was more like confusion and eventually rage.  How is this real life?  How could we as a nation allow this to happen?  After watching coverage of the Orlando shooting last week, I felt compelled to say something on my personal Facebook page.  I usually don't like to post about controversial topics like politics or religion, but I couldn't keep it in anymore.  I realized that silence does nothing.  Changes nothing.
Here's what I posted: