Making Parent Friends Is Like Dating All Over Again

I thought I was done with dating when I snagged this guy!

Married with kids?  Thought you were done with dating?  Sorry, you're wrong.  It's just like dating, but on a whole new level.

Has anyone else ever noticed that becoming friends with your children's friend's parents is just like dating?  Seriously.  Getting to know other parents and really making an effort to put yourselves out there to see if you click?

Last year when Av was in kindergarten, she had a best friend she knew from preschool but she went to the other local elementary school.  Well, this friend also had siblings that were in Iz's preschool class so the mom and I kept in touch.  We signed up Av and her friend in the same after school activities so they could still see each other regularly.  We'd sit and chat during golf lessons and eventually we decided we should do a dinner out with both families.  It was great.  The kids all loved each other, we got to know the parents a little more and my hubby and I walked away from dinner thinking "That went really well!  I wonder if they had a good time too?  Do you think they'll call to do it again?"  We looked at each other and laughed, immediately realizing we were dating this family.  Ha!  How ridiculous does that sound?  Dating a family.  But it's so true.

That first dinner led to more play dates and dinners.  We started texting each other.  I mean, we were in a full on relationship.  And it was great!  But then the father was offered a job he couldn't refuse and they had to move.  And not just across town.  Out of the country and halfway across the world.  All that time getting to know them and they were leaving.  Honestly it was sad.  Our kids just got along so well and we had similar parenting styles so going out together and play dates was easy.  They had to move right after the kindergarten school year finished (so almost a year ago!) and thanks to social media, we still keep in touch, but just like any long distance relationship... it's not the same.

So we've been "dating" other families.  We've been lucky to click with some, but we're still in that dating phase where you're on your best behavior.  In regular dating terms, they haven't seen what we look like without our make-up on.  And just like when I was younger, I can't wait to get to that comfortable stage where we find our match and can let it all hang out.  Dating families is exhausting.

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