Still Hope

I haven't posted in a while.  Life got in the way.  But today, as the 45th President was inaugurated, I needed to put my thoughts into words.  Not for anyone else in particular.  People have their own opinions and the right to those opinions.  But for myself.  To remind myself that on this day, a sad day for so many of us, there is still hope.  I hope the new President succeeds for ALL the people of America, for his success is our success.  I really truly hope he proves so many of us wrong.

And I will continue to celebrate the little things.  I will continue to teach my children to be kind to ALL people, regardless of race or religion.  I will continue to show them the importance of generosity and giving to those less fortunate.  I will continue to express to them how lucky they are to live in this country, already the greatest country, where we celebrate so many freedoms others do not.

I wish I could be in Washington DC tomorrow to stand with the millions of women that will be there for the Women's March.  But I will be there in spirit and I will not stop fighting and voicing my opinion for what is right and just.  I still hold onto hope for our country's future... for me, for my kids and for you.

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